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Questions that go deep
Questions that go deep

The CONSULT division of Schultes & Partner offers business coaching and consulting.

It functions as an international reflection partner for people and companies within a career context and is led by senior business coach Lucia Schultes. Thanks to her comprehensive know-how, she is able to ask exactly the right questions.

Technical Experts, Business owners, CEOs and the self-employed, as well as anyone seeking professional support for their next career steps, such as changing jobs or repositioning, can turn to Lucia Schultes.
She’s not only accredited by the Austrian Coaching Council, but she’s also an Insights MDI Master and an accredited consultant for holistic personality development and diagnostic procedures. Aside from her economic studies, clients benefit from her understanding of organisational and management forms.

“Our versatile knowledge from numerous personnel selection processes and the diverse business insights enable a unique access to networked knowledge,”

Schultes claims, who conducts over 1,000 personnel selection conversations each year. “That’s why we can ask deep questions – this added value makes us unique.”

According to Schultes, the solution can often be found through closely scrutinising the status quo. That way, the next sensible steps towards the desired goal become visible:

“Sounds easy, right? Well, it is! Contributing to this awareness is my personal legacy.”


Lucia Schultes, Msc MBA