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Interview-Coaching & Personality Training

I was advised by a friend to take an Interview-Coaching training course with Mrs. Lucia Schultes and I would definitelly advice it to further colleagues of mine.

Speaking of my own previous experience, I would mark that the one-to-one course was a brilliant example how a "personal trainer" should act. It was rather short training, but despite that it covered all the aspects of real coaching. I liked very much the course approach "where you are, where you wanna be, how are you going to do it".

As the result of the training I understood my qualities and weaknesses and most important I resharpened my own goals while searching for a new job. Especially usefull, I got new and fresh perspectives which alone I sometimes tend to oversee.

I am very thankfull to Mrs.Schultes for her coaching which surprisingly for myself brought me to another (longly desired) industry, another management level.

I would advice those coaching training to anyone in research of his/her new career's horizons.

30.03.2011 - Vasily Denegin, Team Leader

A happy recruiting client

I very much look forward to working with Schultes & Partner again and can only recommend Schultes & Partner to anyone looking for a somewhat different and very personal recruiting partner ? a partner who actually offers much more than mere recruiting!

Stefan Zanini, CEO, Care Catering company

A technical top employee

Congratulations! The objectives of the project were quite ambitious and it was not easy to get this project on track together. Your personal commitment, great performance and your dedication made the implementation so much smoother and easier. Allow me to convey my sincerest and deepest thanks for the opportunity to work with you on this fast track project.

A client to a top ENGINEER employee in an international project

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