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Are your interests similar with the company’s objectives?


Quo vadis?

"Where are you going?" Does your way lead in to the same direction as the way of the company, you are working for? In other words: Are the company’s objectives similar with your personal goals?

Why do we give some thought to this question in a separate article?

We recognized that reasons for the rising job and career dissatisfaction often is the lack of a goal congruence between the peoples and the company’s objectives.

Especially these different target directions are often causing problems within a company.

Finding a satisfying position and getting contented within the company in the long term, as experience has shown, often needs an intensive confrontation with the own personal and professional goals and needs. 

If this does not take place or the goal congruence between the personal life goals of the employee and the corporate orientation will not be reached over a longer period, in the heads of the employees will arise a cognitive dissonance.

The employee suffers from an unpleasant perceived emotional state, which in many times leads to problems such as mental resignation, demotivation and so on. 

Therefore, to have the right job in the "right" company for oneself and the best suitable position as well, - if we consider the differences of objectives - is often a challenge which will not be brought in line completely.

The positive side is if someone recognizes the lack of goal congruence between employees, position and organization for all the targets and that it will not be possible to get a consonance of 100 %, the person could create a new awareness, which does not take a demotivation effect but is beneficial. 

Who recognizes, can act. As the saying goes: "Knowledge is the first step towards improvement".

A little hint:

Create an awareness of the variety of objectives, before an elected job change even if you are just unhappy in your position, try to find out more about your goals, and afterwards compare them with the corporate objectives and requirements of your position as best as possible. 


Private targets (family, academic studies, leisure time, continuing education)

Personal goals (executive manager, specialist…)

Corporate goals (vision, mission)

Business objektives (budget, strategy)

Operational objectives  (measures, procedures, processes)

Be aware in advance which objectives are unlikely to correspond with your own personal goals and if other objectives dominate, create an acceptance for these, which do not. 

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