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RECRUITING – The good side and the dark side

RECRUITING - The good side and the dark side

RECRUITING – The good side and the dark side.


The challenge of recruiting from the view as consultant. Whether for a position within a project, as engineer or as specialist: Indeed, as much as the service of the personnel selection is a joy-filled task for ….

• the consultant, who’s task is to search and select the right candidate

• the applicant, who gets the job

• the employer, who receives the right person for the vacant position. …the more personally challenging are the processes in the background for

• the applicant, who often has to face a long selection process with up to three interviews regarding the vacant position

• the consultant and his recruiting team, who have to choose the three most suitable candidates from a larger pool of applicants

• the employer, the company, who has to decide whom to employ

For the search and selection process applies: the more precise the requirement profile, the lower the number of applicants. If the wording of the job advertisement is fairly general, numerous applications will be received.

Depending on the industry focus, professional expertise and complexity of the vacant position between 150 and 450 people are worth considering.

In practice, it means if 300 people apply for one vacant position:

1. 299 candidates will receive a declining

2. 20 % of those, who are confronted with a declining, also have been quite involved in the selection process.

3. Finally, only one candidate out of 300 gets the job, because he or she impressed in the selection process with special skills*, which were not obvious from the application documents.

Besides the requirements mentioned in the profile of qualification, possible key criteria* to identify top candidates are for example:

• The candidate worked for a particular company which product range is similar to the one from the prospective employer

• The candidate brings along a mix of skills due to his or her individual professional background, which fits to the future company.

• The applicants’ career ambitions concur with the potential of the position to be filled, which was not certain at the time of the vacancy of the position

• The candidate possesses an additional talent, which the prospective employer considers essential for the job vacancy, etc.

Conclusion: A declining does not always mean an inadequacy of skills of the applicant, rather a necessity, due to the selection process with many candidates.

The search for potential employees from the consultant point of view means walking a tightrope between the clients request and the interests of the candidates.

And at the end? One candidate gets the job he or she wants and the company employs the person that fits best to the profile of requirements of the vacant position.

And the consultant? Besides the joy of the success satisfying the applicant and the employer, the consultant hopes that all the other numerous candidates, who were qualified for the position as well, are in the first place in another application process!

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